Thank you for 3000 downloads! (Special Comic) + new server

Thank you to everyone who has been supporting the demo! I wanted to make a special mini-comic for 2000 downloads but before I knew it, we hit 3000 too! I seriously can't overstate how grateful I am for all the people downloading the demo, leaving such kind comments, and awesome ratings. Knowing people like this demo and the story really means the world to me as I work on the full game. Truly, thank you for taking the time to download the demo.

As for how the full game is going, I've started writing the next scene of the script. It's mostly a lot of writing for the next couple of months. This is my first solo game, so I've never written this long of a story before. So it may take a while, but I will try my best to improve my speed. One thing that will improve the workload is my friend will be doing the GUI for the game, which I am grateful for. She is really talented!

I also wanted to use this time to announce I made an Invite Me In discord server! I really want to give people immediate updates on what I'm doing each week and to be able to go into more detail about the game process. I'd love to hear more from people who enjoy the game and have a place to quickly answer questions too. It'll be a fun place to just chat and stay updated on the game, but I may also share some bonus sketches occasionally >.< so if that's something you're interested in, please think about joining! You'll have to make a short introduction in order to send messages in the server. Invite link here

Thank you for reading the devlogs, and here's the special mini-comic :D

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Mar 16, 2022 79 MB
Mar 16, 2022

Get Invite Me In [DEMO]


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I've already messaged on your twitter about this post but I'll do it again here~!! Congratulations yet again! This game has seriously made me want to replay it again even if I'm replaying the choices I've already done hehe, also side note; who on earth did Devyn kill in such a short time-- Oh well, ignorance is bliss I suppose... Congratulations again!!!

Thank you!! I'm very happy you liked the game enough to want to replay it, and I'm hoping people will replay the full version many many times. 

And kill? Devyn just found a very convenient frosting bag for his own recipe! :D




Congrats love!!!!!! and omg this comic is so cute~

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Congratulations on 3000 downloads! You deserve all of the nice words and support on this game. It really is amazing :D. I’m looking forward to the process and honestly take all the time you need. Better to have a game that you can be proud of in the end ^^. Take care and good luck on the story writing!  (and the comic is so cute btw— I love him so much!!)

Thank you!!! ^-^


Hihi, I like the comic ٩(º﹃º٩)

Aw thanks! :D