Demo is live!!! Upcoming updates + the hearts

Hello! I'm excited to have the Invite Me In demo up and ready to play!

I thank everyone who takes the time to play my game or plans to play it in the future. This is my first solo game so it really means a lot to me! I'm very thrilled to continue the story in the full version.

If anyone has any questions about the demo, full game, or anything else, don't be afraid to leave a comment or message me! Feedback is also really great! I'm always curious to know what people think, especially about Devyn. (I'd also appreciate any info on bugs or issues found)


So upcoming updates:

Tomorrow - I will release a small patch correcting some typos and basic issues. I didn't have a chance to get it playtested before the deadline... rip

Next week - I will add some extra assets into the game, such as additional art and the SFX. 

After that... I'm not sure when the next update will come. I'll make updates every so often on how the full game is doing and post some stuff on social media (squidcolas is my username everywhere btw). I'm hoping it won't take me too long to complete the full game, but the entire thing will probably be 50,000+ words... so I have a lot of writing to get to.

So about the hearts at the end of the demo...

Those were added pretty last minute to help show that, yes, all the choices do have some effect. There will be 7 different endings in the full game, and even these choices made will help change the end result. I wanted to give a small sneak peek at what end you may get if you continue the type of choices you made in the demo. Though this is not guaranteed, since there are many more choices to be made. Look at the guide below to find out your demo results!

Red VS Green
If you got a red heart, this means you are more prone to confronting issues directly and letting your problems be known. If you continue this path, you may find yourself having to face even more confrontations later in the story.
If you got a green heart, this means you are a bit more hesitant or maybe just easygoing. If you continue this path, you may just avoid every problem in your way. This doesn't mean things will always be easy though.

Orange VS Blue
If you got an orange heart, this means you are either really friendly or you actually like Devyn and look past everything else. If you continue down this path. you may get that happy ending you desire. But will you be able to keep it up?
If you got a blue heart, this means you want to keep any stranger you just met at arm's length. If you continue down this path, you may be able to avoid making any attachments worse, but getting rid of them completely may be quite the challenge.

Yellow VS Purple
If you got a yellow heart, this means you know something is up and you're going to figure out what. If you continue down this path, you may get all the answers you want. But suspicion draws more suspicion...
If you got the purple heart, this means you are likely to give things the benefit of the doubt or may just turn a blind eye to it all. If you continue down this path, you may be able to get out of any bad situation without even knowing there was something to fear.

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