Thank you for 1000 downloads!!! (Special Illustration)

It's been only a week since the release of the Invite Me In demo, and it's already received more support than I could have ever imagined. Over 1000 downloads, dozens of comments, and lots of people excited for the full game. It's been very meaningful to me.

I'm really thankful for everyone who will be waiting for the full game. Your patience is greatly appreciated. If anyone has any suggestions on things you'd like to see while waiting for the full release, please let me know. I know it can be difficult waiting months for a game, so I want to try and make that wait a bit more fun.

As a small celebration (or reward :D) for hitting this milestone, I drew this special image of Devyn! I hope you all like it!

Also, if you want more frequent posts on how the game is progressing, more Devyn art, or just want to see what I'm up to then feel free to follow me on social media.  Website

As for how the game is progressing, I am still working on improving the quality of the demo. I have made some additional art assets, picked some new music, and started finishing the first CG. I have a few more things to do, but this update will come out this week! I hope it will be enjoyable even if it's not much more additional content than the current demo.

Thank you again, everyone!!! :D

Get Invite Me In [DEMO]


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Congrats!! The demo was a lot of fun to play and I really enjoyed getting the hearts as a way to determine what kind of path that I was on! Wish you the best and continued success as you work on the project! Can't wait for future updates!!

Thank you so much! I'm happy you enjoyed it and the hearts. I really wanted to have a way to show how the choices affect things, even if the demo only has one ending. So nice to know it was a good decision!


Awww, congrats!! I'm so glad you're getting the attention you deserve <3 I LOVE THE ILLUSTRATION AAAHHH. And Devyn in general tbh! I forgot to mention it in previous comments, but I was really impressed with the demo CG as well! You're a very talented artist ^^

I hope you get lots more of downloads, comments, ratings, etc! <3


Thank you so much!! I'm happy you like the illustration and the art of the game! The current CG in the demo is just the sketch, so hopefully you'll really enjoy the finished version too :D

I really appreciate the support, and you leaving such kind comments means a lot to me!