Demo quality update!

I have updated the demo to have a bit more of the quality that will be in the full game. It's mostly the same demo, but it does have more polish to it now.

New stuff:

  • More art assets (including another sprite of Devyn!)
  • CG is now lining and partially shaded
  • Small music and SFX additions
  • 500 more words
  • Extra choice-based dialogue

I'm happy to finally have the demo be in a better state, even though I really appreciate people loving the unfinished version anyways. I'm trying not to be too precious about stuff so I can finish this game early. I'm really excited to have people play more of the story, so I want to focus on that now. I will go back and improve more stuff about this first scene later, but I really want to start on the rest of the game too.

I won't be posting big spoilers about the rest of the game, but I will be posting some screenshots and doodles on my social media as I work on the full release. Feel free to check that out if you're also interested in more frequent progress updates.  Website

Thank you so much again for the support with this demo. I'll probably post another devlog here in a month's time to let you all know about the progress being made. See you then!

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Mar 13, 2022 89 MB
Mar 13, 2022

Get Invite Me In [DEMO]


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I instantly download it xD yay~


So uhm, I forgot to reply yesterday but I seem to found 2 typus. So this is before the time he introduced himself.  He should still be named as injured man :3

Sorry I didn't see this earlier! Didn't get the notification D:

But this typo is now fixed! Thank you for reporting it too ^-^


Ohhhhh! I'm gonna play this new demo ASAP! <3